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Public transport

Public transportation systems make a crucial contribution to the quality of life in public spaces. The population benefits from their safety, punctuality, dependability, and ecological soundness. As a public service, mass transit guarantees mobility for everyone and is used by target groups such as apprentices, students, and teachers that are otherwise difficult to reach.


Their long-standing commitment as well as strong affiliations and alliances have made APG|SGA Traffic – specialized in mass transit communication – the leading partner in this domain. You can choose from a vast spectrum of attractive advertising modes inside and outside public transport vehicles.


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  • Products:
    Outdoor formats: Part rear - vehicle body, part rear - window, roof lengthways format, full rear, side banner, partial design, whole vehicle design, Traffic Board, F200 Traffic and others
    Indoor formats: TrafficMediaScreen, RailBoard, RailBoardMidi, hanging display with or without dispenser, window banner and others
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